The Monrovia Legacy Project Collection

The Monrovia Legacy Project has made our City Historians’ collections of photos and papers accessible to you online through the Library. It expanded the Library’s  collections with an irreplaceable addition on our history.

You can now  access from your computer thousands of images and documents until now stashed out of reach:

  • Photographs – of school children, city founders, churches, floods, the airport, fire engines, railroads, parades, hotels, packing houses and orchards, homes, society builders and merchants.
  • Newspaper articles – excerpts are searchable by a person’s name, address or topic.
  • City telephone and business directories – you might discover who once lived in your house.
  • Out-of-print history books – some, which you could before see only at the Library Reference Desk, are now searchable and can be read online.
  • Narrative histories and photos of many older homes 
  • Monrovia’s First Houses - information, photos and a book of 67 homes built in 1887 that still exist.

The Legacy Project is also preserving the originals of these precious items and storing them archivally so they won’t deteriorate any further.  It is a project of the Monrovia Historical Society.

We welcome the loan of additional items – if you want to add photos or records to the collection and share them with the public.  

Access the Collection