Volunteer Opportunities


What you can do to help

Want to be in on the action?  We need all kinds of help – from ideas to hands-on work.  A few ways are listed below, but is you tell us what your talents are, we’ll find a place for them! 

Are you are a great gardener, organizer, painter, had experience working on old homes or want to get your hands dirty and help out. 


Do you like to:

  •  Tend a garden or help redesign one?
  •  Plan events or help pull them off?
  •  Be a docent and give tours
  •  Sort through or research vintage items?
  •  Do wood work, refinish surfaces, or hang wallpaper?
  •  Write articles
  • Restore photographs or edit videos
  • Bake cookies
  • Help with record keeping

Call or email us about your interest

You could help with a small or large project that fits your time, energy, and talents.